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Lamar CISD Enrollment Growth

Lamar CISD is the fastest growing school district in Texas with now over 42,000 students. Over the last decade, the district has added over 11,000 students growing by over 35%. Estimates indicate district enrollment will nearly double in the next decade, nearing 70,000 students by 2031.

Existing schools across the district are at capacity. Some schools, particularly those expected to grow significantly in the next ten years, have exhausted space even for additional portable buildings. Three high schools currently are beyond maximum capacity, and by 2031, six of the existing seven high schools and the planned eighth high school will exceed maximum capacity. The capacity challenges cannot be ignored or delayed; they must be addressed now.  

Beyond capacity, safety is now a paramount concern.  This Bond package provides necessary safety enhancements to every facility operated by LCISD to protect students and employees alike.  Once again, these enhancements cannot be ignored or delayed.

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Early Voting: Oct 24th - Nov 4th

Election Day: Nov 8th

Lamar CISD Enrollment Growth

School Districts and communities are like magnets – if they are good, they attract, and if they are bad, they repel.  We must ensure that every LCISD school and facility has the capacity, safety and amenities to deliver quality education to our kids.     

Fort Bend County’s growth in population has continued in good and bad economic times over the last 40 years.  Our reputation for high quality, affordable, amenity rich master planned communities and the reputation of our schools and quality of education have powered our growth.  Recent changes resulting from the pandemic, hybrid work environments and more bang for the buck in the suburbs, accentuated the desire to move from urban areas.   However, as the saying goes, past performance is not indicative of future growth.  We must build infrastructure, capacity, and safety sufficient to sustain quality growth.  Schools must be a priority before we turn an asset that attracts into a liability that repels. 

Did you know?

Population and Survey Analysts Project 65,352 New Homes December 2021 - October 2023

What drives growth?​

Activation of large commercial sites attracting large employers, particularly large warehouses and distribution centers, potential logistics hub tied to development alone rail lines, and additional planned residential communities (over 65,000 new homes between December 2021 and October 2013 expected) all contribute to fast, exponential growth within the district.

LCISD will almost double in size in the next ten years.

Lamar CISD campuses currently over capacity:


What’s in the LCISD 2022 Bond Referendum?

Due to recent legislation, the 2022 Bond will be separated into five propositions (Propositions A through E) on the November ballot. The five initiatives focus on buildings, facilities, security (Prop A), Career and Technology (Prop B), student and district technology infrastructure (Prop C), Traylor stadium improvements (Prop D), and an additional stadium to serve the existing and new high schools (Prop E).

Safety &


Prop A focus on facilities and security to accommodate existing students and projected growth.

Career &


Prop B consists of a new Career and Technology Center to accommodate more than 15,000 CTE students in the district.

Admin &


Prop C contains classroom and administrative technology and equipment.



Prop D focuses on improvements to Traylor Stadium



Prop A funds a second District stadium

Breaking It Down



Why Vote “FOR” Prop A?

Lamar CISD is the fastest growing school district in the state and will double in size in 10 years. The number of schools, many already at capacity, cannot absorb the current population or those expected to come in the next decade. Many schools do not even have enough land to house additional portables. Student safety and access to labs, equipment, and secure facilities must remain priority one. This proposition builds schools, improves technology, and acquires land for expected growth, which creates a safer, more secure environment.

Tax Impact



Safety and security improvements on every LCISD campus impacting all students and staff


Building projects include four new elementary schools, two new middle schools, one new junior high school, and one new high school. Additional land for future new schools is included as well


500 seat additions and gym and cafeteria expansions at Foster, George Ranch, Randle, and Tomas High schools. 1000 seat addition, cafeteria, and gym expansion at Fulshear High School


District wide technology infrastructure enhancements


Additional portable buildings to accommodate existing over capacity and growth


2020 Bond inflation coverage



Why Vote “FOR” Prop B?

More than 15,000 students are enrolled in the LCISD CTE program including 20 different courses of study. Some campuses offer programming while others do not due to facility and budget constraints. This proposition seeks to expand student access to resources, careers, and opportunity in good paying jobs the community needs. A new CTE Center would enhance access for students across the district to a variety of CTE programming and industry-based certifications.

Tax Impact



20 unique courses of study programmed at the new center, including Agriculture, Architecture, Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communication, Business, Marketing, Finance, Education and Training, Health Science, Hospitality, Law and Public Service, Manufacturing, STEM, and Logistics.


Many programs are not available on all campuses due to lack of funding creating inequitable access to opportunity



Why Vote “FOR” Prop C?

Learning today requires access to enhanced technology, so students can access resources and learning tools that meet the needs of students in a highly technical world.

Tax Impact



Replace 7,500 laptops, replace 4,000 desktop computers, replace 250 iPads, Upgrade 600 classroom interactive flat panels, upgrade internal digital signage at more than 35 campuses and add equipment to increase service at Graphic Arts Center.



Why Vote “FOR” Prop D?

Traylor Stadium, built in 1960, serves the existing high school populations across six campuses. More than 70 games, contests, and events which involved more than 13,000 students occurred last year, impacting the synthetic turf. Injuries occur on substandard turf, and the existing turf is many years beyond its lifespan. Also, existing lighting is outdated and replacement bulbs are often not available. Inferior or inadequate lighting creates security challenges for students and guests.

Tax Impact



Traylor Stadium is over 70 years old. Replacement light fixtures are no longer available. Replace poles and lights with LED standard fixtures will also save on utility costs.


Existing turf is almost ten years past its life span, creating a danger to students and others using the facilities



Why Vote “FOR” Prop E?

Prop E funds a second District stadium as well as land, which will add to the existing Traylor stadium to service six high schools and an additional high school coming online in 2025.

LCISD currently only has one stadium for events across six high schools. The existing six high schools are in three different competitive districts with different schedules. The games and events overlap, making it nearly impossible to fit all activities in a single stadium. The district needs a new stadium. The kids need a new stadium. The district will double in size over the next decade and costs are only going up. Now is the time to get this done. Finally, the new stadium will be a living classroom for LCISD’s CTE programs, providing valuable training and opportunities to students in the programs affiliated with LCISD events.

Tax Impact



The new stadium will feature 10,000 seats, band storage, locker rooms, and CTE classrooms.


What is a bond election?

If voters approve a bond election, it authorizes the District to sell bonds to raise money for capital projects and other long-term items. Most school districts in Texas use bonds to finance renovations and new facilities.

Bonds are sold over a period of years to reduce the impact on the tax rate. Lamar CISD strategically manages the timing of bond sales and monitors property value growth to control the tax rate.

How can bond money be used?

Bond funds can only be used for the construction, acquisition and renovation of school buildings, the acquisition of land and the purchase of capital equipment such as technology and school buses.

Bond funds can’t be used to pay for unrelated regular operating costs such as salaries, supplies, utilities, etc.

Lamar CISD had a bond in 2017 and 2020, why is the District holding another bond election?

If approved, what will the impact be on senior citizens within the district?

LCISD taxes are frozen for homeowners 65 and older who have properly filed for notice with the county tax office.  Approval of this bond would not result in an increase above the frozen amount.

If approved, will all the money be used at once?

No. If passed, this bond will not all be sold at one time.  If approved by voters, the bonds will be sold in increments over time as needed to fund projects.

If approved, what will it cost homeowners?

If approved by voters and with 7% property value growth, the 2022 Bond Package is projected to increase annual property taxes by 1.5 cents on every $100 of taxable property value per year, or $48.75 per year for a $325,000 home.

How does the district determine the projected tax rate impact of the proposed bonds?

In projecting the potential tax rate impact from the issuance of the proposed bonds, the District utilizes projections from the District’s financial advisor, Post Oak Municipal Advisors LLC, that take into account a number of factors, including the timing and structure of future bond issues, estimated interest rates and estimates of future property values.

Based on the declining debt service on the District’s currently outstanding debt obligations and forecasted amounts of property tax revenue to be collected each year, the District estimates that if approved, the bonds authorized under Propositions A and B could be paid without an increase to the District’s current tax rate.

Keep Lamar CISD a leader in Texas education!

EARLY VOTING October 24th through November 3rd


Early Voting: Oct 24th – Nov 4th  |  Election Day: Nov 8th

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